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NBA Player Details: Mehmet Okur

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Player Profile

image of Mehmet Okur
Mehmet Okur C, 6' 11", 273 lbs
NBA Team Portland Trail Blazers (por)
Age 35 Years [DOB: 5/26/1979]
College None
Draft 2001 - 2nd round (9th pick) by the Detroit Pistons
Health Status No injuries to show.
NBA Status Current Player
Upcoming (7 days): Opponent [time EST] [Natl / local]
gsw [11-02-2014 21:00] [ / ]
cle [11-04-2014 22:00] [ / ]
dal [11-06-2014 22:30] [ / ]
@lac [11-08-2014 15:30] [ / ]
Games in 'red' are today.

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2012-03-14tor0.00.00.0n/a0.00.0n/a0.00.0n/a0. ...
2012-03-12mil0.00.00.0n/a0.00.0n/a0.00.0n/a0. ...
2012-03-10hou0.00.00.0n/a0.00.0n/a0.00.0n/a0. ...

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